About Us

Gallimaufry (gal-uh-maw-free) is located in a quaint German-style village in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

This name, from Old English, was chosen because it means "a collection" or hodge podge.  We came here from Memphis, Tennessee in 2007 where for 12 years we managed a large antique center in the area.  Prior to that, we were overseas for  more than 30 years (Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Italy, Germany, and England) not in the trade.  We were, however, "treasure hunters" and over those years were able to furnish our home with a veritable "gallimaufry". 

Throughout our travels, we developed a great appreciation for history, art, and articles from the past.  We enjoy sharing these "histories" with our customers......everything from Victorian "dining" and brides' baskets to English/Continental porcelains, "Southern" style and rustic to Asian decorative, etc. etc. 


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